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The Journey Is  A Gift | Your Identity Revealed

By Kaydra Mack Ward


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The book lets me know that life is a journey, good and bad times , ups and downs, disappointments and failures in which our belief and faith in God will help us find our way. It makes us ask ourselves "Why are we here?", What is our Life Purpose?"

The author, Mrs Ward, kept my attention from beginning to end. I found the book to be very interesting and easy to read. I would definitely purchase from this author again!

Vanessa M.

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This book challenges you to question your walk with God through this journey called "Life." It is a warm, friendly, and from-the- heart-read that made me feel that I was along the journey with the author at times. I could relate to much that she shared and I am inspired by it. She so eloquently describes truths in her life that allowed her to arrive at a pivotal point of her journey ... I would definitely recommend it.

Dr. Bobbie L.

AWESOME!!! I found this book to be very engaging and interactive to draw the reader into looking at themselves not just the author. I found it to be authentically transparent as the author shared the genuine depth of her journey that any and all readers can connect and relate. I also love the prophetic nature of the Spirit of God speaking to the relevant issues of the current climate. Phenomenal and Powerful piece of work written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 

Lady D.

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About Kaydra Mack Ward

Wife, mother, friend, ministry servant, community leader. Kaydra Mack Ward has had the Hand of God overwhelmingly evidenced in her life for nearly 35 years. While her first experience with the presence and power of God came as early as nine years of age, she would experience Jesus Christ personally as Lord and Savior while a member of the Rocky Mount A.M.E. Zion Church October 1, 1985. This encounter would shape and change the trajectory of her eternal destiny forever. As a Daughter of the King, Kaydra has been recently called as a preacher of the Gospel and prophetess to the nations. Although she doesn't fully grasp the gravity of such an assignment, her soul said, "Yes." Cloaked in humility and postured in power, Prophetess Ward is a woman of apostolic order and walks in multi-faceted anointings and responsibilities-first and foremost to her family.